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Environmental Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals


The overall aim of ERAPharm is to advance existing knowledge and methods for evaluating potential risks, which human and veterinary pharmaceuticals pose to the environment.

ERAPharm’s specific objectives are to

  • Investigate previously unstudied major exposure routes of pharmaceuticals into the terrestrial and aquatic environment

  • Investigate factors and processes affecting the fate of pharmaceuticals in soils, sediments and surface water

  • Further develop testing and modelling approaches for evaluating the fate of pharmaceuticals

  • Develop a scenario-based exposure assessment system for pharmaceuticals

  • Explore the use of bioassays for an initial hazard screening and mode-of-action classification

  • Evaluate how information on pharmacodynamics and toxicodynamics in mammals can be used to guide the evaluation of potential sublethal effects in fish

  • Modify and refine test methods in order to detect the effects of long-term, low-level exposure to pharmaceuticals

  • Investigate whether and to what extent environmentally relevant concentrations of pharmaceuticals cause effects in the environment

  • Develop pragmatic approaches for assessing transformation products

  • Provide recommendations on how to improve current European environmental risk assessment procedures for pharmaceuticals